2016 Fall Workshop Teachers

This year, we have fantastic teachers coming in from Ottawa dance studios, where the swing scene is one of the best in Canada!

Lindy Hop Teachers

Side Street


Laura Smith is a swing dance instructor from Ottawa, one of the owners of the newly founded Side Street Swing. She has been dancing and teaching swing for over 10 years, and loves to share her passion with others! Laura has been invited to teach, compete and perform all over North America, most recently right here in Ottawa as part of the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.

Laura’s greatest source of pride is watching her students learn and grow, and she can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!
Privates: Laura will also be available over the weekend for additional private lesson. Stay tuned for more.

Dave Schindler

Dave traces his interest in swing way back to 1996, when he and his sister, inspired by the movie “Swing Kids”, started experimenting with acrobatics and lifts in their church hall. It wasn’t until university, however, that he began to learn about the dance side of swing, and he’s been hooked ever since! Dave has been dancing and teaching for over 12 years, and has a keen eye for the small tweaks that make a big difference in the way a student moves. He loves the energy and athleticism of swing dancing, and helping students improve!

West CoastTeachers

Westie Underground

Dominique Menard

Dominique is a teacher that meets her students where they are. She strongly believes that anyone can dance and seeks to instill the joy of dancing in all her students. Dominique is analytical and detail-oriented without losing sight of the bigger picture. Her approach to teaching is fun, relaxing, and informative.

Dominique discovered partner dancing in 2010 and started her journey in lindy hop where she was on a team that performed at the National Arts Centre. Since 2014, Dominique’s passion has extended to west coast swing. She particularly enjoys the dynamic, “conversation” aspect of the dance and that it can be done to a wide variety of music. Dominique is an accomplished competitive lead and follow. When she’s not dancing west coast swing, you can find Dominique on the dance floor doing hustle, lindy hop, salsa, or bachata.
Privates: Dominique will also be available over the weekend for additional private lesson. Stay tuned for more.

Patrick Souter

Why do I do it? West Coast Swing is a dance where I can have hundreds or thousands of dances with the same or different people and those dances will never be the same. The variety of songs used, people who dance the dance and even the space and atmosphere of where you are dancing makes sure that no two songs are alike.

I, Patrick Souter started Swing dancing with Lindy Hop socially and casually in 2009, but it wasn’t until September 2014 that I found West Coast Swing. At a crossover dance I experienced a connection with a dancer like no other, a euphoric moment if you will; it had opened a door to a new world of partner dancing, a conversation. I worked really hard to improve my dancing, joining all the teams and taking all the lessons and was dancing up to six days a week. I started competing in the summer of 2015 and quickly found a new thrill in the dance under the spotlight.
Privates: Patrick will also be available over the weekend for additional private lesson. Stay tuned for more.